Collaborating with the university sector

One more year, during the course of 2016/2017, we collaborate with the ICAI Foundation and with students in Engineering of ICAI of the University of Comillas. Currently several students develop their End-of-Career projects (End-of-Master and End-of-Grade) projects with us, applying their technical and organizational knowledge in projects developed by GLOBART. We have 6 projects covering topics as diverse as Water, Sanitation, Photovoltaic installations, adaptation of technologies, internet access systems in isolated areas and development of social enterprises. We also have the support of a group of volunteers from the ICAI I + D program that complements the work carried out in the end-of-career projects. If you want to know more or get involved in our projects, you can contact us by email at infoglobart@gmail.comcartel I+D ICAI GLOBART